6 December, 2019

Drama Workshops

The count down to our production is on!  Drama workshops have been underway and we enjoyed sharing the growth of our school value, Maia (courage) as a result of these workshops with Whaea Ingrid.

by Siri Fox

Red, orange, yellow flames rise from the big hot smokey fire.  I run around and hid in the bushes.  I see the flash light shine on me.  I try and squeeze myself into the bushes… but it’s to late. They found me!

"We hope you and your sister feel better quickly. We are going to miss you".

Whaea Ingrid was presented with a card created by the ākonga (students) as they said goodbye to her for the year. She is donating a kidney to her sister. What an incredible gift and an incredible example of living our school values.

First Swim of the Season

The ākonga enjoyed watching the water trucks come to fill up the pool. A couple of days later they got to try it out.  A huge thank you to Whaea Ingrid and Lonny for getting the pool ready.

Kapa Haka by Oscar Southgate

The class went to see Mahurangi do Kapa Haka.  They were very good at it.  It was fun watching them.  They chose some of us to help them.  When they had done we all got a cookie.  We were allowed to talk to them.  It made me feel very HAPPY!

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by Joe Cooper

On Saturday afternoon our school was gifted some go-karts. It was organised in the Matakana River Lodge. It was next to the river and a pool beside the area. The business Team up events gave us the go-karts. They wanted to see how our part of school can show our school treaty in the outer area from Pakiri. They were donated by the PPMG stands for Pragmatic Project Management Group. Then we got to try how they worked.  Box carts used to be an ancient kids toy that they used to have some fun in their life. They also gave us some colourful bandanas. They pushed us around and it got crazy and wild while we were having a blast of fun on the go-karts. Fun times end but at least we got to keep them for our school it was very kind and respectful of them.